WOMEN….Menstrual Cycle and Menopause…


चन्द्र पर शनि का प्रभाव मासिक प्रवाह को कम करेगा,
चन्द्र पर मंगल का प्रभाव मासिक प्रवाह को ज़्यादा करेगा..
Effect of Mars on Moon will tend to start menses at an early age and give Menopause at later age…
Effect of Saturn on Moon will tend to start menses at later age and give Menopause at an early age..

ये हो गया ग्रह के कारकत्व के हिसाब से, सही परिप्रेक्ष्य में देखना हो तो 5वें csl का संबंध पहले देखना होगा और ग्रह का कारकत्व बाद में देखेंगे…

For Regular Menses Cycle
5th should be related with 3,9…
Regular cycle will give an end to this cycle at a reasonable age..

when dasa signifies 2,4,6,10…

Irregular Menses Cycle
if 5th related with 4,8,12…
Excessive and abnormal bleeding if this combination is created by Mars..

In nutshell, analyse 5th csl with its relation to other cusps in the light of planet significations especially Moon, Mars and Saturn…Analyse dasa Bhukti and gochar for pinpointing result….

Let us analyse an horoscope of a female for the concerned topic..
DOB. 07-05-1965
TOB. 02.51.3o am
POB. Jammu J&K

Her present Bhukti lord and 5th csl is Jupiter is in sub of Venus significator of 2,4,8 leading to her irregular and excess Menses…Also she has not yet attained Menopause..

Next Bhukti lord Saturn is in Rahu sub…Signifying 3,9…Will not give Menopause…

In 2022 i.e. Mercury Bhukti will surely give her Menopause….Mercury is in Jupiter sbl which is sbl of 4,6,10….

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